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  • Marin Cilic confident he’s closed gap with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray & Rafael Nadal

    Reporter: Aditya Soni
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    Marin Cilic believes he’s closed the gap on Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray and is confident of challenging the usual suspects at Wimbledon.

    The 28-year-old, who will rise to world No. 6 after beating Donald Young to qualify for the semi-finals at Queen’s, has been in excellent form in recent months and reached the quarter-finals of the French Open for the first time earlier this year.

    Despite winning a Grand Slam at the US Open in 2014, Cilic has never really been held in the same regard as the ‘Big Four’ or Stan Wawrinka.

    But he believes the gap between him and them is closing and he’s confident of pushing them hard at Wimbledon.

    When asked if he’d closed the gap with the ‘Big Four’, he replied: ‘I think so.

    ‘You know, it’s such, sometimes, really small margins. For me, during my career, comparing myself to the top guys, I have been different in a way that I was not able to keep that play really consistent as they were.

    ‘I think overall when I would be playing my best, I think I could match them up, definitely. But overall, during the course of the year, it was difficult for me to keep it up.

    ‘But these last 12 months, I have been improving on that, and that is helping me to get closer to the top 5. Now with my own game, getting that level up, I think I’m getting closer into that consistency level as they have, so that’s I think the biggest step for me.

    ‘I think I’m just playing better. Just raised the level a little bit more up. And even, you know, getting closer to Wimbledon, I’m going to definitely prepare a little bit more better playing on grass that much.’

    The Croat once again reiterated his desire to move into the top five this year, and insists he’s confident of achieving that goal.

    ‘I believe in top-five,’ he added.

    ‘Definitely with my improvement so far and looking ahead for the rest of the year, I feel that, you know, my game still can keep up with the level that I’m playing.

    ‘ And also being the right schedule is also extremely important. I know it’s not definitely going to be easy, but I believe in myself and that’s what I’m targeting.’
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