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  • French Open 2017 Semifinals Live : Murray v Wawrinka

    Reporter: Aditya Soni
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    STAN WAWRINKA BEATS ANDY MURRAY 6-7 6-3 5-7 7-6 6-1

    1650: Where to start? Four-and-a-half hours of relentless battling with a intriguing blend of Wawrinka's power and Murray's counter-punching.

    The Scot struggled to keep pace in the end and you do wonder whether the physical problems he endured in the build up to the tournament was the difference.

    Wawrinka, on the other hand, just seemed to grow into the match and will be supremely confident heading into Sunday's showdown, having won all three of his previous Grand Slam finals.

    The Swiss star ended with 87 winners and 77 unforced errors to Murray's 36-36 respectively, while producing six aces to the Scot's one and eventually winning 17 points more.

    1638: Two match points for Wawrinka at 15-40...

    The 2015 champion takes the first one, winning in fitting fashion with a booming backhand down the line, his 87th winner of the match. Crikey.

    1633: Another glimmer of hope from Murray to move to 0-30. It seems to be another false dawn as Wawrinka levels. The Scot then opens up a break-point with a passing shot but then watches an ace fired past him. Wawrinka errors again and Murray breaks back as the Swiss finds the net with a forehand volley. Game back on?

    1630: The quality of these two players have swung in different directions and Wawrinka has simply bullied the world number one in this final set. He breaks to 30 and serves for the match at 5-0.

    1625: Murray gives his supporters a glimmer of hope but Wawrinka's level is just too high, stringing together four successive points and then pointing to his temple. Rock. Solid.

    1620: After the closest of contests, Wawrinka is running away with this final set, mastering Murray in terms of class and consistency now. Double break in the bag with 16 of the last 20 points going to the Swiss.

    1618: And the Swiss star is purring now, dumping a string of winners past Murray to double his lead.

    1614: Wawrinka build on the momentum of taking that fourth-set tie-break by breaking Murray in the opener, creating the opportunity with a stunning winner before dragging the Scot in and drawing the volley error.

    1611: After toilet breaks all round (myself included FYI), these two greats of the game get the deciding set under way.


    Wawrinka kicks us off with a booming forehand winner.

    Murray then goes long in the rally to give Wawrinka the mini-break.

    But he then lures Wawrinka into his 70th unforced error of the match the reduce the deficit.

    Murray then draws another error to level matters.

    But he then fails to return a big first serve from Wawrinka, who leads 3-2*.

    Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka score: 7-6 (8-6) 3-6 7-5 6-6  (*3-6)(refresh for game-by-game updates)

    TIE-BREAK (live score above)

    Wawrinka kicks us off with a booming forehand winner.

    Murray then goes long in the rally to give Wawrinka the mini-break.

    But he then lures Wawrinka into his 70th unforced error of the match the reduce the deficit.

    Murray then draws another error to level matters.

    But he then fails to return a big first serve from Wawrinka, who leads 3-2*.

    Oh no Andy. The Scot dumps a woeful drop-shot into the net.

    Murray reduces the deficit with a commanding point. Can Wawrinka serve this out?

    One down, two to go. Murray tries to play wall but Wawrinka penetrates his defence eventually.

    Two down as Wawrinka dominates the rally again to bring up three set-points, with the first two on Murray's serve.

    1555: Indeed he does, with a comfortable hold to 15. Where's you money?

    1552: As I say that Wawrinka produces a faultless hold to love, including his fourth ace of the match. Can Murray take us into a tie-break?

    1549: Murray loses a memorable rally, in which he was dragged all over the court, but brushes himself off the hold, with Wawrinka's rate of errors increasing.

    1544: Wawrinka responds with even more ease, dropping a sublime volley over the net to hold to love. Pressure on Murray now as he serves to stay in the fourth set.

    1540: Murray produces a comfortable hold as we head into the business end of the set.

    1537: The two players get in their second thrilling rally at the net and, after being outsmarted in the first, Wawrinka wins the second with a stunning backhand down the line. Murray drags the game to deuce but Wawrinka is able to hold with a couple of serve-forehand combinations.

    1530: No groans this time as Murray holds to 15, finishing with a 29th winner. That tally is still less than half of Wawrinka's, but his unforced error count is 28 to the Swiss' 64.

    1526: Kaushik Patel has been in touch, asking: "Does Murray always need someone to shout at in the crowd?"

    It seems the case as Murray unleashes a roar of frustration after going long at 30-30, before Wawrinka expresses his own animal, or should we say Stanimal, instincts as he holds.

    1523: Wawrinka fails to put Murray under any sort of pressure, taking his unforced error count to 63 with a couple more.

    1516: Murray makes two volley smashes at 30-30 but then dumps a drop-shot into the net as he fails to earn the break point. Wawrinka then secures a hold with some more booming strikes.

    1513: Wawrinka opens up a 0-30 half chance but Murray snatches it away with four successive points to hold.

    1510: Wawrinka strikes back well at the start of the fourth, holding to 15 with a 56th winner.


    1506: Where to start? Murray wins the first of three fantastic points and then earns the error from Wawrinka’s forehand for two set-points. The 2015 winner then pumps a backhand down the line but the net intervenes to give his opponent the set.

    1500: Wawrinka offers up three breaks points with a sloppy string of shots. Murray dumps the first return into the net but then gets into the rally and extracts a forehand volley error from Wawrinka on the stretch. The Scot will serve for the third set...

    1457: Murray posts a relatively hold as we head towards another tie-break. Where is your money? .

    1455: Three hours in and we're no closer to any sort of outcome. Feel likes a familiar feeling...

    1451: Murray had gone into machine mode, making everything Wawrinka had to throw at him, but then dumps two backhands into the net to see 15-40 dissolve into deuce. The Swiss then produces his third ace of the match (Murray has none) before bullying his opponent into submission for the hold.

    1448: What. A. Point. Murray makes about four shots the rest of the tour would have given up on to make it 40-15 and then secures the hold with a Wawrinka error.

    1437: Murray gives himself the chance to break back at 30-40 but Wawrinka takes it away with some thundering shots. The Swiss then dumps a forehand into the net but once again responds with a winner. Another break-point comes up as Murray approaches to force Wawrinka to find the net and the top seed finally takes his chance, breaking with a booming cross-court backhand.

    1429: Wawrinka opens up two break-points with some sublime shot making, but Murray manages to stave them off. The Scot then edges his pursuit of a drop-shot just wide but manages to tie his opponent's backhand up with a high-kicking second serve. A third break-point arrives as the 2015 champion dominates the rally and Murray sends a backhand wide to lose his serve wide. A sarcastic smile is now painted across the top seed's face.

    1424: Murray wins a couple of nice cat-and-mouse points to get himself to deuce and earns a break point as Wawrinka finally goes wide in a gruelling rally. He then bullies the backhand to open up the forehand court and earns another error. We’re back on serve in the third.

    1422: The big question right now is what can Murray do to disturb his overpowering opponent's rhythm? He manages to halt the momentum with a hold there, producing a string of strong serves and deep strokes, but he needs to do more than that to add a break back.

    1416: Wawrinka's level is far higher right now and he's running away from the Scot, winning seven successive games and 16 of the last 21 points, securing another hold with a deft volley.

    1412: Wawrinka opens up a break-point with a blistering backhand. Murray then gifts the Swiss a third successive break as he goes long under relatively little pressure.

    1407: Wawrinka maintains momentum to secure a comfortable opening hold. Now for Murray to shake off the frustration of losing the set...

    Wawrinka wins the second set 6-3.

    1401: Stubbornly hanging in there (sorry, final one) Murray moves 30-15 up, but then he crumbles under the pressure as Wawrinka opens up the break point and crunches and a forehand winners off the Scot’s timid second serve. One set all.

    1355: Much like our esteemed leader, Murray is struggling to find answers for the questions being asked of him now. Wawrinka is ahead in the winner/unforced error personal battle at 39-36 as he holds to move a game away from the second set.

    1350: The curse of the strong and stable strikes again! The more expansive Wawrinka unleashes a string of winners to break for a 4-3 lead.

    1345: Murray's strong and stable approach may have given him the head start   Murray's strong and stable approach may have given him the head start, but he’s not really offered anything to trouble his opponent there. Still no breaks of serve.

    1341: Wawrinka adds another notch to the winners column as he opens up a break-point, but Murray dominates the next three points to hold.

    13:40:  However, Murray extracting marginally more errors from his opponent and, in a game of small margins, that is enough to keep him on top. Wawrinka now up to 31 winners and 33 unforced errors as we reach a third deuce on the Scot’s serve.

    1331: Wawrinka makes good use of the new balls to hold to love, taking his winners tally to 28 in the process.

    1327: Murray is enduring no such troubles with Wawrinka's winners less frequent right now. The Scot holds to keep us on serve.

    1323: This was always going to be a testing game for Wawrinka and, after being dragged to deuce, he produces two sublime backhands to hold.

    1316: Murray keeps his foot on the gas with a composed hold to 15. Wawrinka needs to get his head back in the game after what must have been a painful break.

    1301: TIE-BREAK: - Murray wins the first set 7-6 (8-6)

    Double-fault, just, gives Murray the early mini-break.

    Murray then goes wide with a backhand down the line to level matters.

    Wawrinka then goes long with a lob and Murray makes his move. We're on serve at last.

    Murray then fails to make a return out wide to level matters.

    But a mishit from Wawrinka goes long and Murray has another mini-break.

    Murray then doubles his advantage and Wawrinka, who was on the charge, crushes a forehand into the net and it flicks up and out.

    But the Scot fires an inside-out forehand into the net when in control of the rally. Advantage conceded again.

    And Wawrinka levels the tie-break at 4-4 with a barbaric attack on Murray's defence.

    But Murray defence responds like only his can, returning a body serve from his hip before placing a passing shot past the Swiss.

    Oh my. the top seed then goes long when under no pressure. We're level again. Flip a coin.

    Wawrinka opens up a set-point on his serve after winning a stunning exhange at the net.

    But he then thumps a backhand into the net for 6-6. How did these two hold 12 games in a row?

    Murray at his very best! Wawrinka all over him but the Scot makes a string of unthinkable returns before taking control and forcing the error. Set-point Murray...

    In 68 minutes Murray takes the first set, with Wawrinka dumping a forehand into the net. And breathe.

    1300: Murray, likewise, responds assertively and holds as Wawrinka sends a backhand just wide. Tie-break time! Wawrinka leads Murray 4-2 in their previous tie-break battles.

    1254: He passes that test with flying colours, blasting Murray off the court with all of his power. Over to Murray to take us into a tie-break...

    1250: The Scot then unleashes his own attacking skills to hold to love. Wawrinka's mental strength will now be tested, with his unforced error tally level with his winners at 17 all.

    1245: Murray will not go down without a fight and grinds the errors from Wawrinka, opening up a break-point and then breaking back with some phenomenal defending.

    1242: Murray is saved by a heavy net cord but Wawrinka earns another break-point with a booming inside-out forehand winner as the Scot stumbles awkwardly on his ankle. He then lures the Swiss into the net but loses the exchange, which ends with a passing forehand. Wawrinka serves for the set...

    1238: Murray slips two 15-30 with a couple of errors, seems to get out of trouble with some smart serving to Wawrinka's backhand but slips to deuce with another error. He then offers up the first break-point of the match with a double-fault. Can Wawrinka take advantage?

    1232: We have another deuce as Wawrinka's forehand error count raises to nine. However, a big backhand and an unreturned serve out wide secures the hold.

    The story of the match so far is told by Murray covering over 60m more than the Swiss, who has 13 winners and 10 unforced errors to the Scot's tally of four and one.

    1227: Murray responds impressively, hitting his second, third and fourth winners from the forehand wing before drawing a backhead error to hold to love.

    Both players have started impressively, as you'd expect from the fellow three-time Grand Slam winners.

    1222: Stan then blasts Murray away with two big serves and a couple of winners to hold as easy as you like.

    1220: Murray holds from duece as well. The Scot's drop-shots have their critics, but he's used them brilliantly early on, keeping Wawrinka honest.

    It's difficult to know what to make from the early exchanges, with Wawrinka firing marginally more winners than errors when going big, while Murray has made very few errors but has produced just two winners.

    1215: Wawrinka's ground strokes haven't been quite an consistent, with five unforced errors to Murray's none, but he does manage to hold from deuce with an inside-out forehand winner.

    1210: Wawrinka then bullies the Scot in their opening rally but fails to maintain the momentum with three unforced errors as the score is levelled.

    1207: Wawrinka makes the perfect start with four unreturned first serves. Shots fired.

    1205: Wawrinka starts as the slight favourite having progressed without dropping a set, while Murray has only won in straight-sets in two of his five matches, including a far from straight-forward win over Juan Martin del Potro.

    1200: Both players have just finished their warm ups as we prepare to get under way...

    1152: It looks a like warm day in Paris with very little wind, which should suit the big-hitting Wawrinka.

    Here come the players...

    1150: For my measured patriotic pride this morning, I must admit that I'm holding 2015 champ Wawrinka at 14/1 to land the title again. I'm pretty confident he'll come out of the blocks quicker than notoriously slow starter Murray, so I've had a hedge bet on the Scot to lose the first set and then win the next three at .

    1144: Murray has been on the drift in the betting in the lead up to their latest meeting, with Wawrinka backed in to 4/6 to progress. are happy to take on the top seed, offering him at 8/1 in their , while enhancing him from to win the match, serve the most aces and produce the least double fault.

    1135: We've got Murray v Wawrinka up first in a repeat of year's semi-final match up. The Scot won that clash in four sets and prevailed in straight-sets at the ATP World Tour Finals to improve his head-to-head lead to 10-7.

    1130: Of course the one big name missing from our line-up is Novak Djokovic, whose slump has reached the year-long mark after being dumped out by rising star Thiem.

    Thiem is up an even greater task in preventing the 'King of Clay' Nadal, who is on course to land an unprecedented 10th French Open title.

    1120: Welcome to our live French Open men's semi-final live blog, as Andy Murray takes on Stan Wawrinka before Dominic Thiem attempts to halt Rafael Nadal.

    Settle in for a long one folks. With four of tennis' top names on show we're destined hours of energy-sapping back and forths with little sign of a conclusion until the very end.

    However, unlike the elections, we will have a comprehensible outcome and two players will book their places in Sunday's final.

    We'll keep you up-to-date with game-by-game updates from here on, starting with Murray v Wawrinka, who are due on court at 1145 BST.
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