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  • (Updated) How To Watch French Open 2017 Free Live Stream in US & India Using VPN

    Reporter: Nitishk Gupta
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    French Open2017 Free Live Stream Using VPN

    French Open 2017 is an upcoming and very much anticipated tennis event which will be held from 28th of May to 11th of June. So, do you want to watch the live stream of this event without paying a single penny? If yes, then this is the only guide you need to watch French Open 2017 Live Streaming for free using VPN trick.

    We have already posted full schedule of French Open 2017 and if you like to bookmark a full schedule when you can go forward this link.

    Guide To Watch French Open 2017 Free Live Stream Using VPN

    So here is how you can watch your favorite French open matches for free using VPN or Proxy. This is a very simple guide to watching French Open 2017 for free and can be implemented by any user.

    So let's start the guide -

    First, we need to have a look at the channels or sites which are providing the stream. So here is the list of channels country wise

    1. iTV (Free, UK)
    2. FranceTV (Free, France)
    3. Eurosport (US, UK, EU)
    4. Tennis Channel
    5. ESPN (USA)
    6. NBC Sports (USA)
    7. BeIN Sports (Middle East)
    8. SuperSport (South Africa)
    9. Fox Sports (Australia)

    2- Use VPN To Watch Live Stream

    After getting the channels list, we need to use VPN to change our country.

    In this case, I am talking about iTV channel which is free for UK users only. 

    So if you're a UK user, then it's great news for you!

    If not, then don't worry here's how to watch - 

    Signup Process For iTV Channel

    Watch French Open 2017 Live Stream Using iTV

    Here are the steps to watch live stream using iTV channel -

    • Go to the ITV website.
    • Then, click on ‘Sign in’ in the top-right corner of your screen.
    • On the next page, select ‘Sign up now.'
    • Enter your details, including your title, name, email address, and date of birth.
    • For ‘Postcode,' enter ‘WC1X 0AA’ without the quotations.
    • Then, check the ‘ITV Terms and Condition Box.'
    • Finally, select ‘I’m ready.'
    Check for a confirmation email and confirm your account there.

    Now if you're a UK user then you'll get no error but if you're from other countries like US, Australia, India, etc. you need to use Proxy or VPN trick as stated below - 

    If you try to stream ITV live outside the UK, you will be presented with the following geo-error. “We’re sorry. ITV Hub is only available to viewers in the UK.” 

    To overcome this use this trick -

    We will use VPN to change our IP which will change our country also, so we'll get access to channel without problems -

    1. Use any VPN or Proxy service (Surfeasy, Hide My Ass, ExpressVPN, etc. can do the work)
    2. Now that you have created your VPN account download and install the VPN app from the VPN provider’s website.
    3. Launch the app and connect to a VPN server in the UK.
    4. You now appear to be browsing the web using a British IP address.
    5. This approach allows you to unblock all UK channels anywhere overseas including BBC iPlayer, TVPlayer, Channel 4, Channel 5, and of course ITV Player.
    So this was the trick by which you can watch French Open 2017 live stream for free.

    This guide will be applicable to stream French Open tennis tournament 2017 live anywhere in the world either it it be USA, India, China, Australia, Canada or Brazil or Russia or in any country in the world, you just need to head over to the VPN site and start installing it and then head over to the website you can  legally stream French Open tennis tournament 2017 and enjoy it.

    Thanks for reading this guide. Do share it with your friends and tell me if this trick works for you or not. 

    With this guy you can watch French Open 2017 or also known as Roland garros 2017 live streaming on your Android as well as on your  iPhone and iPod.

    Good Luck & Peace :)
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