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  • Roger Federer's 2016 Season Ended ! Out of Olympics and Rest of 2016 Tennis Tournaments

    Reporter: Brynne Nicolsen
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    Roger Federer who is absent from the courts since his semi-final lost at Wimbledon in early July, said Tuesday that he would play again this season. The number 3 player in the world (34 years) is sorry for "not being able to represent Switzerland at the Rio Olympics" (5-21 August).

    Federer justifies his "very difficult decision" by the condition of his left knee, which undergone an arthroscopy in early season. In a domestic incident in Melbourne when  he was giving bath to her daughters, he had caused the twisting to her meniscus. He believes, after consultation with specialists and his entourage, his rehabilitation is a priority.

    " The doctors have informed me that if I still wanted to play a few years without injury, what I intend to do, I had to give my knee and my body time to recover" , he wrote on Facebook.

    The Swiss tennis master, who had not missed a Grand Slam tournament since 1999 & having won won seventeen, had given up arguing Roland Garros 2016 because of back pain in May. He had gone back short in Stuttgart, where he had fallen against the promising Dominic Thiem in the semifinals, before failing again in the last four in Halle Germany. A tournament where he was the defending champion and winner eight times.

    His early season end with a blank year is first incident since 2000. He had always won at least one tournament (88 in total) per year between 2001 and 2015. The Switzerland has probably also squandered its last chance to win Olympic gold in singles, one of the few titles still missing its rich charts. He won doubles at the Beijing Olympics (2008), with Stan Wawrinka.

     "I am motivated as ever and I intend to put all my energy to come back strong, healthy and in good condition to attack tennis in 2017 " , commented the Swiss Tennis Player.

    Let's hope that Roger Federer will successfully come back to court and perform his best in French Open 2017 {Roland Garros 2017}.

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