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  • Roger Federer's 2016 Season Ended ! Out of Olympics and Rest of 2016 Tennis Tournaments

    By Brynne Nicolsen → Saturday, 30 July 2016

    Roger Federer who is absent from the courts since his semi-final lost at Wimbledon in early July, said Tuesday that he would play again this season. The number 3 player in the world (34 years) is sorry for "not being able to represent Switzerland at the Rio Olympics" (5-21 August).

    Federer justifies his "very difficult decision" by the condition of his left knee, which undergone an arthroscopy in early season. In a domestic incident in Melbourne when  he was giving bath to her daughters, he had caused the twisting to her meniscus. He believes, after consultation with specialists and his entourage, his rehabilitation is a priority.

    " The doctors have informed me that if I still wanted to play a few years without injury, what I intend to do, I had to give my knee and my body time to recover" , he wrote on Facebook.

    The Swiss tennis master, who had not missed a Grand Slam tournament since 1999 & having won won seventeen, had given up arguing Roland Garros 2016 because of back pain in May. He had gone back short in Stuttgart, where he had fallen against the promising Dominic Thiem in the semifinals, before failing again in the last four in Halle Germany. A tournament where he was the defending champion and winner eight times.

    His early season end with a blank year is first incident since 2000. He had always won at least one tournament (88 in total) per year between 2001 and 2015. The Switzerland has probably also squandered its last chance to win Olympic gold in singles, one of the few titles still missing its rich charts. He won doubles at the Beijing Olympics (2008), with Stan Wawrinka.

     "I am motivated as ever and I intend to put all my energy to come back strong, healthy and in good condition to attack tennis in 2017 " , commented the Swiss Tennis Player.

    Let's hope that Roger Federer will successfully come back to court and perform his best in French Open 2017 {Roland Garros 2017}.

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  • French Open Champ Muguruza withdraws from Montreal

    By Rajan →

    MONTRÉAL: French Open champion Garbiñe Muguruza Blanco backed out of her opening match at the WTA hard court tournament in Montréal on Tuesday just minutes before she was to take on Britain's Naomi Broady.

     Muguruza, the world #3 who cited a gastrointestinal illness for pulling out of her opening match said that she is disappointed as she practiced a lot for this tournament.

    Organizers replaced Muguruza with Varvara Lepchenko to take on Britain's Naomi Broady.

  • French Open V/s Wimbledon : Comparison & Facts !

    By Aditya Soni → Sunday, 3 July 2016

    In this info graphic, we are going to show you facts and comparison between French Open and Wimbledon. as we know both of them are most popular tournaments all over the world and tennis fans are crazy behind both. but in case if you want perfect comparison between these 2 tournaments, you should have a look at this info graphic.

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    The French Open is just around the corner with number of months left till the 28th May, 2017.

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    Info graphic Credit .: Time Warner Cable

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  • French Open : One of the Most Prestigious Annual Tennis Championships of the World

    By Aditya Soni →

    Sports are an activity that brings various countries and its inhabitants closer to each other from time to time. This can be possible reason why all round the year there are various sports activities taking place at different parts of the world. Among the various sports activities, tennis is one of the major games that are played by a number of countries at different parts of the world in the name of different championships through the year. Some of the most famous and world renowned sportsperson to play this game are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Leander Paes, and many others.

    Paris and the French tennis championship

    French Open, as the name suggests, the tournament has its origin from France. The tournament starts from the middle of May and lasts till the early days of June, hence altogether a 2 weeks schedule of tennis championship where players from different parts of the world takes part representing their countries. Held in the capital city of Paris, the Tournoi de Roland-Garros is arranged at the Stade de Roland Garros. This tournament is known to be the second among the Glam Slam competitions held all over the world tennis circuit.

    The French tournament is widely known across the world known only for its clay court but also for the arrangements that are made for the different countries and their representative players. To witness the best tennis players playing on the clay court of Paris, a large audience arrives from different parts of the world. This period of time is no less than a festival for the city of Paris. Hotels are not only booked but are packed and hence booking is advance is always advised if someone is interested in enjoying the French tennis tournament. Also, as Paris is an expensive city, a good research would save from getting bankrupted.

    History of the French Tournament

    The French tennis tournament holds a very prestigious history of its own. It started way back in the year of 1891, and was first named to be the Championat de France International de Tennis tournament. But later with passing days, the name of the tournament was shortened to the French Open Championship. The two weeks championship is played on the world?s finest clay court and hence it is considered to be one of the most prestigious tournaments around the world. Also the French Championship is known for being the most physically demanding championship in tennis due to the slow playing surface that its offers.

    Not only the name, but a number of changes have been made in the tournament since last 50 years time. The name Open was added in the year of 196 when the tournament was thrown open for both the amateur and the professional players together. A number of awards have been also added such as Prix Orange, Prix Citron and Prix Bourgeon in the later years in comparison to the already existing awards. Also in the year 2007, the price money for both male and female winners was equalized.

    As in other sports, in tennis also different grounds are suitable for different players. For example, the French clay court is much different than the grass court of the Wimbledon. The totally alternate courts create an impact on the playing style of the players who are playing on these courts. Thus the courts where the players are playing tennis can be also an important element to create a reputation for the players in their playing career. History has a number of such examples such as Roger Federer, who is a champion winner of the Glam Slam tournaments in contrast to Rafael Nadal, who is maximum times winner in the French Open tournament.

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  • French Open 2017 Watch - Predictions for French Open 2017

    By Aditya Soni →

    Every summer, sometime between the mid of May and early days of July, the world feasts upon the glorious Tournoi de Roland-Garros or French Open watch. It is yet again time for the same event and people are already making predictions for their favourite idols as well as their not so favourite sports stars. Tennis lovers like every year are to be divided into groups that support their favourite players, be that Djokovc, Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, etc.

    Ever since the date for the French Open has been declared, tennis fanatics and the experts are out with their pads and pens and scribbling down predictions, most of which you can come across the internet on a regular basis.

    Predictions for French Open 2017:

    With the increasing madness over the Australian open and the French Open, random predictions for the games are only but natural to come in from all the corners of the world. Whereas some predictions are set on the basis of the common trends and prevailing performance of the players the others are set on sheer belief towards a specific player. Some of the latest and more realistic predictions gathered from previous?french open watch and the latest performances in the Australian open are listed below.

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    Prediction 1:

    One of the most common trends in the French Open every year is to choose the sports man and woman who have won the Australian open as favourites for the French Open as well, in this case Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic.? They are most often the suspected winners for the French Open too and this year is no different. But there are a number of factors that you need to pay attention to before making this prediction. You can get French Open Predictions 2017 from here.

    There are a number of distinct differences between the two tournaments, such as difference in climate, difference in the surface played upon, etc. All these factors have a role to play in the performance of the players. Other than this, the constant pressure of performing the best and of being the target can reduce the quality of performance. Hence, in case that you are rooting for Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams to win the French Open in a few months, you might need to re-predict your prediction.

    Prediction 2:

    With tennis experts and champions scrutinizing the Australian open very closely, one name that has repeatedly surfaced as the next big player to look out for in French Open is that of Madison Keys. Though she faced defeat in semi finals against Serena Williams, not only the celebrated champion but critics too are of the opinion that the game put forward by her is unparallel to any 19 year olds. Keys? all over performance statistics in the Australian Open has in no way been a fluke and she is surely destined to a number of Slam runs in the near future. We should be sure to see her appear in the second weeks of the French Open.

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    Prediction 3:

    Player, who is predicted to make her mark once again, in the French Open, is Victoria Azarenka. With a worldwide ranking of 49, persistent injuries and only a quarterfinal entry in the Australian Open, not all things seem to be going great for the player. Yet, keeping her yester year performances in mind, such as a semi final entry in French open 2013, she is predicted to make a come-back with renewed health and a higher rank this year. She has a couple of months to gear for her best spot.

    Dedicated French Open watch online in the coming days will give place to further predictions.
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