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    Reporter: Aditya Soni
    Published: Thursday, 16 June 2016
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    There are thousands and thousands of people all over the world, who feel a strong affinity towards the Roland Garros games or to be more specific the French Open 2017. One thing that unites millions of people around the world is their true love for tennis and another thing that puts dispute amongst the same group of people is a single ticket to the French Open 2017 Livefrench open live stream 2017

    With millions of people aspiring to attend the game and see their favourite sport personalities such as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic in action, there is always a huge rush for the tickets. The rush results in heart breaks for many, as not all can manage to get their hands on the tickets in the short frame of time sanctioned.

    The French Open 2017 Tickets - Online Tickets

    The major difficulty in acquiring them would be of travelling to Paris every time you would want those precious tickets. But thanks to the recent online developments, you can now find online brokers who will be more than glad to provide you with your french open tickets, right where you are, through the mode of simple online transfers. With the games starting from 24th May, 2017, it is time to pull up your socks and sit in front of the computer to get that mouse moving.

    Demand for tickets to the Roland Garros 2017 Games - French Open 2017 Live:

    The Roland Garros games incepted in the year 1891 and saw its first women’s tournament six year down the line, in the year 1897. The tournament strictly restricted participation to the French teams and hence came to be popularly regarded to as the French Open. A certain change was noticed in the year 1912, where the surface on which the players played their games was substituted with a bed of red clay, acquired from the crushed remains of red bricks. Until the very end of 1924, the French had their sole glory over this tournament.

    It is post this specific date that with increasing following for the games; the tournament was made open to participation by talented and celebrated tennis players from all over the world.This in turn increased the viewership and the following for the games by leaps and bounds, thus creating a never ending rush and demand for the tickets. The french open tickets, have always been hard to get, but thanks to major consideration paid by the authorities in recent times, these tickets can now be availed online with the help of online ticket brokers.

    French Open 2017 Tickets | French Open 2017 Ticket Buying Guides | Frenchopen2017live.com

    Why chose an online ticket broker for French Open 2017 Tickets?

    Prior to this date, tennis lovers would have to line in front of the ticket counters to procure their precious tickets for the French Open. Not all had the capacity to travel to Paris repeatedly to get the tickets and thereafter attend the event. Hence some made their friends and relatives line up for the tickets, or had to all in all give the event a miss. Sad isn’t it?

    Thanks to much consideration on the side of the French Open authorities, one can now avail the tickets online. This is where the role of the ticket brokers becomes imperative. Due to the over whelming demand for french open tickets, they soon run out, leaving you empty handed. Contacting an experienced and genuine broker will allow you to secure as many seats you require and for as many games you please. These brokers are always on their toes and secure tickets from the very moment that they are announced. This helps in guaranteeing you a splendid sight of your favourite players and an exhibition of great tennis playing right in front of you.

    Roland Garros 2017 (French Open 2017 Tickets) tennis tickets will include the following benefits:

    • First Category seating on Philippe-Chatrier Court (Court Central)

    • Roland Garros official tennis magazine and daily newspapers

    • Open bar and buffet lunch starting at 12 PM in a special hospitality area, the Tribune, on the grounds

    • Roland Garros tennis tickets provide VIP entrance into Roland Garros

    When confirming a ticket or ticket and hotel package, please note that the name on the reservation MUST match the ORIGINAL identification of the person(s) attending Roland Garros. 

    An original passport or driver's license (copies will not be accepted) will be required at the gates of Roland Garros and MUST correlate with the name on the e-ticket purchased through Steve Furgal's International Tennis Tours, Inc., the exclusive official ticket and tour agent for the North American market for Roland Garros.

    Tickets can be bought from here :
    1. tickets.rolandgarros.com/en/home
    The information for the 2017 event will be published in the fall.

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